Three imposter I-T sleuths nabbed for robbing grocer

Three days after a gang of men robbed a grocery shop owner after entering his house in Korattur posing as Income Tax officials, police have arrested three of them and seized Rs 53,000, 4.5 kg silver articles, a car and a two-wheeler.
Three imposter I-T sleuths nabbed for robbing grocer
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The accused were identified as R Murugan (24) of Ambattur, M Deenadayalan (52) of Korattur and V Selvakumar (42) of Foreshore Estate, and a hunt has been launched for four more suspects — Fredrick, Anbu, Ravi and Moorthi.

Police said that it was Deenadayalan, a neighbour of the victim M Sivaprakasam (63), who masterminded the crime. “Deenadayalan often visits Sivaprakasam’s store to buy biscuits for stray dogs. After seeing the trader dealing with a lot of cash, he hatched a plan to rob him and got help from the other accused,” said police.

The incident happened on Tuesday when a Swift car pulled up in front of a grocery shop of M Sivaprakasam in Korattur. Four men alighted from the car and told Sivaprakasam that they were from Income Tax department and that they had to raid his house. They put up the shutters of the shop and took Sivaprakasam to his house that is on the first floor of the same building. They checked the cupboard and ‘seized’ Rs 3 lakh in cash, silver articles and two mobile phones.

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