Corporation earns Rs 2.2 cr from selling abandoned vehicles

Corporation earns Rs 2.2 cr from selling abandoned vehicles

The Greater Chennai Corporation has sold the abandoned vehicles that it had confiscated from roadsides for Rs 2.21 crore.


The civic body, in order to clear the roads that were encroached by unused and abandoned vehicles, had decided to seize the vehicles and sell them. “We have confiscated nearly 8,000 abandoned vehicles and uploaded the details of the vehicles on our official website. The owners of the vehicles were given a chance to see the list and claim ownership,” a Chennai Corporation official said.
Following claims by the vehicle owners, as many as 31 vehicles were returned to them. According to the official, the civic body had removed 7,877 vehicles excluding the 31 vehicles that were returned to the owners. “Of the total seized vehicles, 7,687 were two-wheelers, 90 were three-wheelers and 104 were four-wheelers. We had floated tenders separately for three regions and the bidders were selected,” the official said. The Chennai Corporation will earn Rs 68.80 lakh by selling 2,627 vehicles from North region and Rs 91 lakh by selling 2,926 vehicles from Central region. South region will earn Rs 61.60 lakh from 2,324 vehicles. “A committee comprising of police and Corporation officials was formed to fix the rates for the abandoned vehicles. The committee fixed Rs 1.57 crore, but the rates increased to Rs 2.21 crore due to the competition,” the official added.
The civic body would hand over the vehicles to the successful bidders once they pay bidding amount with taxes.

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