Long-distance app-based carpooling comes under scanner

A team of Road Transport officials seized two private cars that were used as taxis for taking the passengers for long trips, near Pallavaram on Friday. The customers were reportedly using a mobile app for long-distance carpooling.
Long-distance app-based carpooling comes under scanner
RTO officials and police officers inspecting documents of a car near Pallavaram on Friday


Based on information that some private vehicles were being used as taxies for long-distance trips, RTO officials were checking vehicles near Pallavaram on the GST Road on Friday. 
The driver of one of the vehicles said they were from the same office and were heading for a weekend trip to Madurai. 
But when the officials enquired everyone separately on suspicion, they found the passengers had paid Rs 700 each for the trip. Later, the officials stopped another car which came with four passengers and found that it was also being used as long trip taxi. Both these vehicles were seized by the officials.
Officials said that private vehicles with white board registration number cannot be used as taxis, as registration and insurance rules are different for taxis and private vehicles.

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