Idol wing seizes two stone pillars from businessman's house

Idol wing sleuths continued their search on the house of socialite businessman Ranvir Shah for the second day, on Friday and seized two stone pillars from the place.
Idol wing seizes two stone pillars from businessman's house
Idol wing officials seizing stone pillars from Ranvir Shah’s house. (l) A sculpture that was recover


On Thursday, the investigators had seized nearly 90 artefacts of which some of them were believed to be of high antique value. 
Police said that Ranvir had actively participated in the renovation work of a temple in Tiruvarur, a few years ago. “However, he left the work when it was half way through. But, he continued maintain contact with many HR&CE officials, including some of them, who were arrested by the idol wing recently. Later, some temple officials complained about missing artefacts, including four pillars and 5 idols,” an idol wing official noted. 
It may be noted that Ranvir Shah, on Thursday, had clarified that he had purchased all the idols by following all legal formalities. 
However, investigations are under way to find out how he purchased and from whom he had obtained them. The seized artefacts included 56 stone and metal idols, 24 pillars, besides some panchaloha idols. According to police, the estimated value of the seized artefacts would be around Rs 100 crore. 
It may be recalled that Ranvir came under the idol wing scanner in 2016, when the investigators arrested Dheenadayalan, who had been running an art gallery in Chennai, for possession of antique idols that were reported missing from different temples in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  During the raids on Dheendayalan’s gallery, sleuths had seized a large number of stone idols, paintings and other artefacts.

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