Flood ready Chennai Corporation books community halls for next 3 month
File photo of the 2015 deluge in Chennai

Flood ready Chennai Corporation books community halls for next 3 month

Ahead of the Northeast monsoon, the Greater Chennai Corporation has decided to block bookings for community halls in the city for next three months.


According to a Corporation official, between October 1 and December 31, no functions would be allowed to take place in these halls. “In case of floods during monsoon, we have to provide shelter and food to the affected residents. It is important to keep the halls free and unoccupied,” the official added.
When asked about the reasons for the decision, the official added that the civic officials had a hard time providing shelters to the affected residents during the 2015 floods. “To avoid this predicament, we have been keeping community halls closed until the end of the monsoon for the past three years,” the official explained.
As most  community halls are located in and around slum areas, which are vulnerable to inundation, the halls are always kept ready for the floods and the move has been helping the poor people for past two years, according to the official.
Among the 48 community halls in the city, only two halls – one near Kodambakkam zonal office and other in GN Chetty Road are most expensive with a rent of Rs 15,000. “Rents for all the other community halls are below Rs 5,000 depending on size and location,” the official said.

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