Emergency care centre launched in Mamallapuram

Recognising the significance of providing medical care during the golden hour, especially with the State losing more than 15,000 lives lost in road traffic accidents last year, a Critical Care Emergency Centre was inaugurated at the Mamallapuram Government Hospital on Friday. These facilities are of particular requirement near highways, from where it would take over an hour to reach tertiary care.
Emergency care centre launched in Mamallapuram


The objective of the centre is to provide immediate emergency care round the clock through emergency physicians and paramedics, an official from the 108 ambulance service said. “Patients brought here will be stabilised and transferred to the nearest appropriate tertiary care centre.”
The five-bed centre at Mamallapuram is the fourth such facility after Chromepet, Padianallur and Injambakkam. Officials said the centre is fully equipped with all necessary emergency medicines and equipment to intubate and suture patients. 
Speaking at the launch, Health Minister C Vijaya Baskar said such centres would  increase the chance of survival not only in traffic accidents cases, but also in other medical emergencies. 
“Over 80 per cent of the critically ill patients stabilised and transferred from these centres have been saved. The ECR stretch is vulnerable for high velocity accidents and it takes over an hour to reach the Government Tertiary care hospital during peak hours,” added the official from the 108 service.

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