Neighbour killed 3-yr-old in Villivakkam

A day after a three-year-old missing child was found dead in the garbage a few metres away from her house in Villivakkam, police have arrested the 32-year-old neighbour for the child’s murder. The accused has been identified as Devi.
Neighbour killed 3-yr-old  in Villivakkam
Kavya, the three year old child which was found dead in Villivakkam


The victim, Kavya, who went missing on Tuesday when her mother Jayanthi had gone to a nearby store, was found in the garbage in Bharathi Nagar. 
The post-mortem report confirmed that she had died of suffocation. During investigation, the police found that Devi’s son had a stammering problem and she had earlier quarrelled with Jayanthi after she made fun of Devi’s son. Meanwhile, Kavya continued to visit Devi’s house. 
On Tuesday evening, Devi, who still had a grudge against Jayanthi, allegedly took Kayva to her house when her mother had gone out and pushed her into the water tank in their compound. After the kid died, she wrapped her in a saree. In the wee hours of Wednesday, she threw the kid in a garbage pile at the end of the street. Further interrogation is on. 
Meanwhile, residents of the locality are yet to recover from the shock. “I have been living in the street for about 20 years, but such an incident has never happened,” said a neighbour. The police had initially suspected Jayanthi of killing Kavya.

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