Monkey rescued from Secretariat building

On a day when the Secretariat premises was witness to the 71st Independence Day celebrations, a monkey was left stranded on the 10th floor of the Namakkal Kavignar Maligai for several hours before it was rescued.
Monkey rescued from Secretariat building
The monkey climbs down the rope at the Secretariat


Sources said that the monkey entered the office premises on the ninth floor on Tuesday morning. Staff members present on the floor immediately alerted the forest department officials, who rushed to the spot and laid a trap with eatables to catch the monkey, but in vain. The monkey climbed to the 10th floor through a window and forest officials reportedly closed the windows on the 10th floor thinking that the monkey would find a way out. 
However, head constable Sulthan who witnessed the incident came back after an hour and saw the monkey still stuck at the window on the 10th floor. Since crows started attacking the monkey, he alerted the fire station at the Secretariat premises. As the monkey was trapped at 125 ft from the ground level, fire personnel came up with a novel idea to rescue the animal without scaring it. They dropped a long rope from the terrace of the building up to the ground. 
The monkey which initially tried to jump onto the rope waited for a while till the rope reached the ground, and climbed down the rope immediately and ran for its safety. The entire rescue operation took more than an hour.
Staff at the Secretariat premises said that a lone monkey strayed into the Secretariat premises a month ago and several attempts of forest officials of trapping the animal proved futile. 

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