Plan your career: Push yourself to stay motivated

It is very easy to get disheartened, especially when one fails to score good marks, but one should never give up.
Plan your career: Push yourself to stay motivated
Fr Raj Mariasusai SDB, Rector, Janodaya Salesian College, The Retreat, Yercaud


I had worked hard but scored marks lower than what I expected in my Class 12 Boards. Now I am in college, but my motivation to study has become low. Kindly guide me on how to regain my motivation.  (Rama Aravindan)
It happens to many of us. But I hope you are studying a degree that you wished to. That settles the issue. The desire to regain your motivation itself is a positive attitude towards motivation. No other source like parents, siblings, teachers and councillors could do anything if you are not self-motivated. Others can only guide you with incentives to strengthen your motivation.
Ask basic questions like: 
* Am I willing to move out of my comfort zone? 
* Am I afraid of making mistakes? 
* Am I confined to certain limits of thinking? 
* Am I a happy person? 
* Do I finish the tasks that I undertake? 
Now you need to examine your answers. Remember. Achievements are a result of leaving the comfort zone. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. They teach wiser lessons. Go on. Do not limit your thinking. Thinking out of the box has already become cliché. Learn to kick the box out. Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice that we make. Don’t start too many tasks and leave everything unfinished. Train to tackle and accomplish one by one.
The lack of motivation is generally identified with, ‘I’m just not in the mood’. Therefore motivation in itself is not our main problem. It only shows lack of skills to overcome ‘not being in mood’. Motivation is achieved by cultivating certain habits. Let us list them. 
Promise it 
Commit yourself to inviting people and setting a time to hold you accountable. Just keep a promise and keep your word.
Befriend your discomfort 
Doing laundry can lead to discomfort. We tend to procrastinate. Observe your body. Stay connected with your mind and body. Stay with your discomfort. Do not judge it as good or bad. It can be a gift and an opportunity to do valuable work on yourself.
Change your mind and your body 
Try changing your mind with new thoughts and your body with the physical stance. For example, take a short walk. 
Sweeten the task 
If reading social psychology becomes a yawner, read literature to sweeten your task or just go and sing aloud! 
Turn up the pressure 
Motivation is a luxury. Move up your deadlines. Raise the stress to intensify your action. It results in achieving a lot more than you expect. 
Turn down the pressure with Baby Steps 
The mere thought of starting a huge task can induce anxiety. Take ‘baby steps’. Divide large projects into small tasks. 

Ask for support 
Make allies for overcoming your procrastination. Always declare to a group what you intend to accomplish. This way, you can ask your group to hold you accountable. Ask Alcoholics Anonymous to Weight Watchers for the power of such strategies. 
Adopt a model 
Find yourself a role model whom you consider successful and observe them.  Compare the payoffs to the costs. Arguably, neglecting exercise can give people more time to sleep. Compare it with what you will have to pay with your health. Comparing costs and benefits of any behaviour can fuel our motivation. 
Do it later: Procrastination 
At times, it is effective, but it should be a plan and a promise. Remember, it is you who have to push yourself, because no one else will do it for you. 
— The writer is a career counsellor and mentor

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