The happiness road: “Nothing temporary can make you happy”

S Vijayaraghavan is an incurable romantic. He loves living life to the fullest and celebrating each moment of it.
S Vijayaraghavan
S Vijayaraghavan


Within the same week he could be hosting the Manganiyars of Rajasthan at a home concert one day and on another he could be enjoying classical jazz at a sit-down dinner and on yet another day he could show up dressed as dacoit Gabbar Singh at a Sholay -themed party. All this while in the midst of defending his clients’ matters in courtrooms across India. “My profession may be cerebral but I have never tried to curtail my love for art, culture, food and anything that’s aesthetic. I approach life with a palpable innocence. This innocence is my happiness quotient,” explains Vijayaraghavan. He adds that intelligent living and happiness are all about preserving this innocence that’s resident in each of us. 
Those who know him will vouch for his eclectic taste. And for the beautifully curated cultural and culinary events he hosts each month for his circle of friends. “Whatever I love when I see, hear or taste it, I share with people. Sharing my happiness makes me happier,” says Vijayaraghavan. 
How can such an attitude of loving and sharing life be sustained in the midst of everyday pulls and pressures? Vijayaraghavan says it can be done by understanding what success truly means. “Success is not about acquiring and holding on to material possessions. Nothing temporary or ephemeral can make you happy. True success is being happy, it is to be able to live a full life, enjoying doing all that you love doing irrespective of what you possess on the material front.” 
Gratitude, he says, plays a big role in being this way: “Instead of focussing on what you have created or acquired, look at what you have received. Be grateful to the creator and to all those who have come into your life to support you and help you to be who you are today. I am always grateful. It keeps me humble and happy.” 
What about the worry beast? How does he tame it? “I just immerse myself in my work. Too much focus on yourself is what makes you unhappy. I leave my worries to the creator. To me, my faith is a great source of inner joy,” replies Vijayaraghavan. 
Celebrating your innocence and living doing all that you love, I realize from this conversation, are key ingredients for undiluted, sustained, happiness. 
@AVISViswanathan is a Life Coach, Happiness Curator & Author of ‘Fall Like A Rose Petal’

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