Fishing hamlet women stage stir near Secretariat

After their complaint to the Commissioner of Police yielded no results, around 150 women from Tiruvottiyur fishing village protested outside the Secretariat, when the assembly was in session, opposing the laying of the underground oil pipelines in their living areas.
Fishing hamlet women stage stir near Secretariat
Tiruvottiyur women protest near the Secretariat opposing CPCL pipes through their locality


Priya S, a homemaker, said that it was sheer frustration that drove the women to voice their grievances at the Secretariat. 
“We had submitted our complaint to the Police Commissioner almost a week ago, stating that the inspectors in the area were threatening us. We explained that the Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), which was laying underground pipes to transfer oil from Manali to Chennai Port, was doing so without the permission from the villagers. 
The company has bribed the council members to cover up the issue. The representatives of the company are troubling the people to vacate their homes, till the pipes are laid, using abusive language. When the menfolk went to complain to the Police officials, they were told that a false case would be filed against them, if they don’t comply,” she said. 
The lack of action forced them to head to the Secretariat, added Renuka Devi, a 65-year-old. “As many as 150 women assembled outside the Secretariat and submitted a petition to the CM Cell. The officials there assured us that there will be an effort to bring the parties to the negotiating table. If there is no action, we will keep repeating our representations,” she noted. 
Priya said that it was for the livelihoods of the future generation that the women folk had stepped out. “The work was started three months ago, but the pressure has intensified over the last two weeks. The inspector and sub-inspector are threatening us. 
We want action taken and our safety ensured,” she said. CPCL officials had earlier claimed that the issue had been settled. Attempts to contact them had gone unanswered.

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