Mobile apps, social media make NEET preparations easy

More and more students are turning to apps and social media to prepare for NEET examination, for which the key is to practice model papers. There are several apps and sites that are making these practice sheets accessible to the students for free.
Mobile apps, social media make NEET preparations easy
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There are about 10 apps on Google Play Store that is meant to assist students with the preparations. For instance, NEET Preparation Offline is one such app that contains multiple tests based on previous year’s papers. It gives out the score immediately. This app helps the students prepare for the exam without any internet connection. 
Another App called NEET 2017 from Sana Edu Tech guides students in understanding the sets of questions from 2016. Students, who are appearing for the test for the first time, feel that this technology is convenient for them. 
“The questions are multiple choice based. Solving these questions on app makes practicing easier. Also, the model papers give us a lot to work with. The app I use has tricks to answer questions faster. There is also a feature that helps me share my worksheet with my friends,” says Varun Kumar, who is attending a coaching centre. 
“A book costs at least Rs 300 and we depend on more than one book for model papers. These apps are for free and we get access to unlimited papers and study materials. It is easy and hassle free,” he added. Teachers helping students with the preparations say that apps can be beneficial when used wisely. 
“Kids spend a lot of time on their mobile phones and it’s a platform they are comfortable with. If they spend some time solving multiple-choice questions, it can only be good for them, unless they get distracted by other social media platforms,” says M Malini, a Biology teacher with a private coaching institute. Social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp are also being used by the students to share the work with their peers. 
“My coaching centre has created a group on social media, where sometimes the teachers post questions and we send our replies,” says Arvind N, another medical aspirant.

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