Cab drivers suffer without cash due to e-payments

The long queues at the banks and ATMs has resulted in many people depending on the e-payment mode for app-based cab services, for their daily commute. This has left the cab drivers with hardly enough cash in their hand to fuel up their vehicles or buy food.
Cab drivers suffer without cash due to e-payments
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Cab driver Chinna Gounder recalled the harrowing experiences he faced on the night of November 10. The demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupee notes saw most of his customers for the day, choosing the e-payment option provided by the app for their rides across the city. “I was in Besant Nagar and had to get to Egmore, when I ran out of fuel. 
Since everyone chose e-payment, I had hardly any valid money to fill diesel in my car, which is my only source of income. I have no debit card and I had to ask my colleagues. I could barely gather enough cash for buying food,” rued the driver from Jolarpettai. The shortage of cash at ATMs and banks meant no respite for many cab drivers, who depend on cash transactions for their day-to-day expenses. Ganasekar, another cab driver, said, “With almost every passenger opting for e-payment, I had hardly any cash in hand. 
On the morning of November 13, I checked every ATM from Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) to Ayanavaram. There was either a huge crowd or the machines were not working. I really don’t know how I will be able to manage like this.” In many cases, passengers too faced last-minute cancellations, as drivers refused to accept rides once they find out the payment is not in cash.  City-based entrepreneur Akash P and his friends had a tough time finding a cab post-midnight, as many drivers were refusing to accept the e-payment option. 
“When we tell the drivers that we have opted for e-payment, they flatly refuse the ride. After many cancellations, we found a driver who was ready to pick us up. This was such a big hassle,” he said.

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