CM’s health keeps the festivities at a low in Tamil Nadu

As Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is still recuperating in hospital, the activities surrounding the festival of lights have taken a low-key turn. Many government agencies, state bodies and even corporates have chosen to keep the celebrations to a minimum, foregoing even the customary gifting traditions that mark the festival.
CM’s health keeps the festivities at a low in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa


Speaking to DTNext, on condition of anonymity, the purchase official of a high-end gift shop in the city revealed, “With the CM hospitalised, the celebratory mood seems to be missing among party cadre and other political leaders. State- owned enterprises such as Co-optex and government bodies like the Commercial Taxes have either been delaying their orders or unable to place them without the consent of top officials, who have been putting off their Deepavali plans.” She adds, “Government officials are also wary of receiving compliments and gifts. At the same time, as major departments like State-run transport corporations, TANGEDCO, Aavin, have announced early bonus, there have been no disputes on the bonus front.” 
However, some of them, like a manager at a gift shop franchisee asserts that as there is still a week to go before the festival and sales could pick up gradually. He says, “We did witness a considerable dip, in terms of orders for Deepavali sweets and gift items. A big chunk of our festival orders come from government agencies and large corporates. However, as many of them have decided on keeping a low profile during the season, the number of items being sold have decreased.”
He says, “It goes without saying that our prayers are with the Chief Minister. As she has shown signs of recovery, we are expecting her to get well soon and add the much needed sparkle to the festival.

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