‘Influential’ cops set their own rules

Inspectors and assistant commissioners who have managed to stay put in the city throughout their career frame their own rules and decide the course of justice for the complainants who approach them. High-level connections have emboldened them to even defy orders from their higher-ups.
‘Influential’ cops set their own rules
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On an average, the grievance cell of the Commissioner of Police receives about 50 petitions daily. These petitioners approach the cell after the local police stations had refused to investigate their cases and render justice. The officials who handle such grievance petitions forward them to the respective police stations with instructions. In some cases, these instructions are followed by the inspectors, but in many others the complainants are forced to approach the grievance cell yet again.
“The Station House Officers (inspectors) fear no one. They are not worried about defying the order from senior officials,” a senior police official attached to the city police told DTNext . Most of these inspectors and assistant commissioners of police (in the DSP rank) have been serving in the city throughout their career. “Many have carved out a territory of their own and work with their own rules. Even when senior officials want to transfer them out, political or highly connected business groups help them remain there,” another official said.
According to highly placed sources, as many as 85 DSPs and 50 inspectors were transferred in Chennai city in 2016 alone, but with a very few being transferred out of the city. “These transfers are not done to improve the functional capability of the force but as per the recommendations of political or business houses. If we study these transfers, we can find that most of them get posted within the city and only those who have no such clout are shunted out,” a senior police official said. 
Each police station gets an average 15 to 20 complaints every day but only 40 per cent are investigated. “The inspectors decide which case to investigate and most of the complaints, even if they merit FIRs, are settled through kangaroo courts. If the complainants want to approach higher officials to get justice, the inspectors threaten them and tell them that even if they went to the CoP, the complaints would have to come back to them only,” a businessman from Anna Nagar, said on condition of anonymity. 
“If the authorities want to improve policing in the city, they will have to bring in new officers from the districts who have a clean service record. But some officials believe that those who are familiar with the topography by virtue of their long service in Chennai could only function effectively. But that is not true,” another senior police official said. 
Recently, the intelligence wing had put out a notice against an inspector in the outskirts of the city who openly threatened an AC, demanding to know why he had come on beat visit to his jurisdictional area. The AC had to go back, knowing the ‘connections’ the inspector had. Senior officials said this “issue” was later amicably settled. 

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