Connect the dots to understand HIS MASTER PLANS for the Universe - Part 1

We come across many people from all walks of life. I believe that GOD plans all these with a purpose. We are His instruments and we may never see the bigger picture. This conviction crystallized on hearing Dr. Cherian’s experiences.
Connect the dots to understand HIS MASTER PLANS for the Universe - Part 1


In 2000, Dr. Cherian, travelling by Shatabdi Express from Bangalore to Chennai was talking to his co-passenger who had visited a Tanzanian friend admitted at Manipal Hospital for heart surgery. A curious Dr. Cherian learnt that a group of poor heart patients from Tanzania was looking for economical surgical options abroad.  True to the nature of a compassionate doctor who readily reaches out to the ailing, Dr. Cherian expressed his wish to help these patients. 
A week later, he was surprised to receive a letter from the co-passenger giving him the contact details of Dr. Rajni Kanabar of Dar Es Salaam. He learnt that under Dr. Rajni Kanabar’s initiative, the Lions Club of Dar Es Salaam sponsored 10 surgical patients at Manipal Hospital. Dr. Rajni Kanabar, a second generation Gujarati in Dar Es Salaam, was also searching for other hospitals in India. Dr. Cherian contacted Dr. Kanabar and finalised his September 2000 visit to Dar Es Salaam.  Dr. Cherian conducted an OP clinic and met patients from Aghar Khan Hospital, MP Shah Hospital and Hindu Mandal Hospital. 
Following this, he operated on 8 patients from Tanzania over the next 3 months. On his second visit to Tanzania in 2001 at the recommendation of Prof Rowan Nicks, he visited KCMC (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre), Tanzania’s only medical college. He conducted a cardiology/ cardiac surgery consultation camp and offered lecture classes to medical students.  Almost 20 patients from Tanzania visited Madras Medical Mission (“MMM”) over the next 2 months.  He also arranged for training programmes at MMM for Tanzanian cardiologists.    
In December 2004, Dr Cherian was invited to the inauguration of “Regency Medical Centre” in Tanzania, an initiative of Dr. Kanabar in association with His Excellency Benjamin Mkapa and Mama Mkapa.  In his speech, Dr. Cherian offered free cardiac surgery worth 10 million shillings for Tanzanian children.  This gesture laid the foundation for a strong Madras Medical Mission (Chennai) - Tanzania relationship.  
The Government of Tanzania then entered into an MoU with MMM, agreeing to sponsor at least 100 Tanzanians for surgery at MMM every year. This is in force to this day, even after Dr. Cherian parted ways with MMM and has benefited hundreds of Tanzanians.  Such is one man’s impact.  Dr. Cherian says, “I feel very satisfied.  God has used me as an instrument to help patients in Tanzania. I wish people would get out of their comfort zones and risk meeting unknown people to reach out a helping hand.” The beginning of a journey gives no clue to its course. History is created based on how intensely it is lived.
Dr. Cherian encountered an opportunity to create yet another historical moment in the Leopard Tours.... ….to be continued. 
The writer is Director of X Factor Group of companies

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