Much-awaited gaming tourney comes to city

After successful editions in the last two years, Taiwan Excellence in India announced the third stint of their gaming tournament – the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC).
Much-awaited gaming tourney comes to city
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This year, four more cities have been added to its itinerary and the TEGC will now be hosting elimination rounds in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, in addition to Mumbai and Delhi. The tournament is divided into two rounds for each city — eliminations and a grand finale — with the former being conducted from select offline venues as per a pre-set schedule. To participate, gamers can register on www.tegam Elimination rounds in Chennai will be held between August 26 and 28. Later, 12 teams will qualify from the six locations to play in the grand finale that will also be streamed live on TV. The finale will be held on September 16 and  17 in Mumbai.

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