Compensate for jailing 3-yr-old, says mother

The mother of a 3-year-old boy, belonging to Kuravar community, who was sent to prison with his aunty, has demanded compensation from the government, on Thursday.
Compensate for jailing 3-yr-old, says mother
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The petitioner, Mari, claimed that she, her husband, sister Mariammal and her husband Kuravan while selling fancy items, were arrested by police in Marthandam near Nagercoil. Four, including her son were arrested, while she was allowed to go. Her son was kept in prison with Mariammal in Madurai. The government must provide interim compensation for the illegal detension of her son, prayed the petitioner. Marthandam Police Inspector, in the counter affidavit claimed that Vijay had expressed his desire to go with his aunty, Mariammal, hence Vijay was sent to prison. Following the hearing, the Court directed government to file a counter affidavit by August 31 for Mari’s petition seeking interim compensation for Vijay’s arrest.

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