Aavin’s next, fortified milk for kids, mothers at Rs 25/litre

Aavin officials are ready to provide iron and Vitamin A and D fortified milk through special milk cards for women and children at Rs.25 a litre without affecting Aavin, milk farmers or the market, according to official sources.
Aavin’s next, fortified milk for kids, mothers at Rs 25/litre


The AIADMK in its poll manifesto had promised such milk to women and children adding that any monetary loss to Aavin would be reimbursed by the government. Aavin sources said “providing milk for all at Rs.25 would affect Aavin’s finances and in the long run also affect farmers, as the loss would be Rs.1000 crore annually.” Also as Aavin’s rates are Rs.5 lower than other states and lesser than that of private milk companies, “the proposed pricing would definitely affect the milk market totally” claimed sources. 
“Provision of special milk cards for fortified milk was the only option” officials said and added that if children were to be covered, this could be done through Anganwadis and noon meal scheme centres which had around 14 lakh and 55 lakh children respectively. “While packed milk was possible in cities through special cards, for large scale supply, powder was the way out” officials say. Women in remote villages could be provided with special cards for half litre and avail their supply from local milk societies which had milk available for local sales. But it would be normal milk and not fortified milk.

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