Relationships, emotions in digital age

The play, Monkey and the Mobile by theatre-group Perch, premiered in October 2015 and met with a warm reception from theatre enthusiasts. They are back with a more evolved version this month. Director Rajiv Krishnan tells us all about it. It will be staged at Allaince Francaise of Madras on June 18 and June 19.
Relationships, emotions in digital age


Tell us about the theme of the play Monkey and the Mobile
The play uses the mobile phone and technology as a theme and looks at their impact on our lives through seven stories — some real, some imagined. Through every day and unusual characters like a newly arrived migrant to the city, e-troverts (those who prefer the digital world to the real world), a family of emoji’s and animals with identity crises, larger themes like identity, control and memory are explored. Conceived in a collaborative manner, the play uses a combination of actors, projected image and music, with a focus on simple storytelling.
Is it different from the earlier show in 2015? 
Well, the stories are more evolved. We are using the projection technology for it. We took feedback from the audience from our shows in Bengaluru, Puducherry and Chennai and have tried to incorporate them this time.
Next year, Perch will complete a decade of existence. How has the journey been so far? 
It has been a beautiful journey. We have staged more than 300 shows till date. With each play, we have tried to do something novel and use interesting means of presenting our plays.

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