Symbol, deal breaker in TMC-AIADMK alliance talks

AIADMK-TMC alliance talks may have hit the cul-de-sac. GK Vasan, leader of the breakaway Congress faction, Tamil Manila Congress (TMC), has declined AIADMK’s 15-seat offer after the latter continued to insist that TMC should contest only on the “Two Leaves” symbol.
Symbol, deal breaker in TMC-AIADMK alliance talks
GK Vasan


“They offered 15 seats, but the deal breaker was the symbol. AIADMK negotiators were adamant that we should contest only on their symbol. Vasan said ‘no,’ a senior TMC leader close to Vasan told DT Next
The development should have come as a rude shock to TMC functionaries who were anxiously waiting for the all-important call from AIADMK headquarters on Thursday, more so after the latter announced candidates for all 234 constituencies. “There is little hope of the talks progressing further. It is highly unlikely that the deal will go through,” said a Vasan confidant, also conceding that they were in no position to approach the DMK either as Indian National Congress has prevented the Dravidian major from having any truck with the TMC. 
PWF is the only option available to a stranded TMC. That said, very few in the TMC are interested in facing the electorate in the company of the PWF, whose leaders extended an open invitation to Vasan even a few days ago. 
Whether Vasan decides to choose a safe bet like AIADMK or the PWF, it would be a very difficult decision to take considering that he has to either contest on the AIADMK symbol or settle for less number of seats in an overcrowded alternative front.

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