#TamilnaduElections2016: Constituencies at a glance

Here is a snapshot of past winners and runner-up of the third set of six Assembly constituencies in Chennai district
#TamilnaduElections2016: Constituencies at a glance
Data compiled by: V Mani


District details:
As per 2011 census, Chennai district leads the state with the highest population of 46,46,732. With a literacy rate of 90.18 per cent, it is just second to Kanyakumari district that has 91.75 percent, the highest in the state, in the literacy rate standards as per the same census. Chennai has sister city relationships with Volgograd (Russia), Denver and San Antonio (United States), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Chongqing (China). 
21. Anna Nagar 
Total no of voters: 2,26,836 
Votes polled: 1,51,608
Polling percentage: 66.86%
Winner: Gokula Indira S (AIADMK)
Runner-up: Arivazhagan VK (INC)
Margin: 36,590 votes
In the total 216 polling stations here, 107 were declared Critical Booths in 2011 elections. AIADMK’s Gokula Indira got 58.67% votes in the election. It was DMK’s fortress as big guns fielded here — Karunanidhi won in 1977 and 1980, K Anbazhagan in 1989 and Arcot Veerasamy in 1996, 2001 and 2006. Winning parties: AIADMK (2011), DMK (2006), DMK (2001), DMK (1996), INC (1991), DMK (1989), DMK (1984), DMK (1980).
22. Virugambakkam 
Total no of voters: 2,14,898 
Votes polled: 1,44,069
Polling percentage: 67.10% 
Winner: Partha Sarathy B (DMDK)
Runner-up: Thanasekaran K (DMK)
Margin: 14,094 votes
A newly formed constituency after delimitation in 2009. Of the 228 polling stations here, 122 were declared Critical Booths in the 2011 elections. Virugambakkam was included within the Chennai city limits in 1977. Winning parties: DMDK (2011).
23. Saidapet
Total no of voters: 2,19,038 
Votes polled: 1,54,225
Polling percentage: 70.49% 
Winner: Senthamizhan G (AIADMK)
Runner-up: Magesh Kumaar M (DMK) 
Margin: 12,071 votes
Out of 208 polling stations, 139 were Critical Booths in 2011 election. M Karunanidhi was a two time MLA in 1967 and 1971 and Saidai Kittu was a three time MLA in 1980, 1989 and 1996. Winning parties AIADMK (2011), AIADMK (2006), ADMK (2001), DMK (1996), ADK (1991), ADK (1989).
24. Thiyagarayanagar 
Total no of voters: 1,94,922 
Votes polled: 1,29,751
Polling percentage: 66.62%
Winner: Kalairajan VP (AIADMK)
Runner-up: Chellakumar A (INC) 
Margin: 32,462 votes
Out of 187 polling stations here, 112 were Critical Booths in 2011 election. The constituency has seen various party MLAs since its existence 1957. 5 times Congress, 5 times DMK and 3 times AIADMK. Winning parties: AIADMK (2011), AIADMK (2006), DMK (2001), TMC (1996), ADK (1991), DMK (1989).
25. Mylapore 
Total no of voters: 2,15,350
Votes polled: 1,42,882
Polling percentage: 66.40% 
Winner: Rajalakshmi R (AIADMK)
Runner-up: Thangkabalu KV (INC)
Margin: 29,204 votes
Out of 220 polling stations, 111 were Critical Booths in 2011 election. AIADMK’s Rajalakshmi got 56.03% votes in 2011 elections. S Ve Shekar was an MLA of the constituency during 2006-11. Allied with DMK, BJP had won a seat in 2001 here. Winning parties: AIADMK (2011), AIADMK (2006), BJP (2001), DMK (1996), ADK (1991), DMK (1989), ADK (1984).
26. Velachery
Total no of voters: 2,27,249
Votes polled: 1,52,364
Polling percentage: 67.07%
Winner: Ashok MK (AIADMK)
Runner-up: Jayaraman M (PMK)
Margin: 31,720 votes
A newly formed constituency. Out of 251 polling stations, 136 were Critical Booths in 2011. BJP’s Dr Thamizhisai Soundararajan contested in 2011 and secured 7048 votes. Winning Party: AIADMK (2011).
Data compiled by: V Mani

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