‘Do not be overwhelmed by the subject’

Ahead of the science exams, experts say students should study all the questions at the end of every chapter, practice drawing and not get fazed by unfamiliar questions
‘Do not be overwhelmed by the subject’
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When attempting the physics and Chemistry sections, students must go through all the previous years’ question papers. This will help them identify the questions that are most likely to appear this year. They should work out all the problems and equations that are found behind the textbook. They should go through the limited study material that is provided by the government. This will give vital insight into what questions can be expected in the examination. 
Preparation for Chemistry requires more weightage to be given to the chapters, ‘Atoms and molecules‘ and ‘Carbon and its compounds’. In Physics, students should focus on the chapters, ‘Law of motion and gravitation’ and ‘Light and the magnetic effect of electricity’. 
Students must incorporate the blueprint provided at the back of the textbook. They will gain valuable insight on the weightage they have to allot for each chapter in the book.
The writer is a teacher at St Michael’s Academy, Adyar

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