‘Do not be overwhelmed by the subject’

Ahead of the science exams, experts say students should study all the questions at the end of every chapter, practice drawing and not get fazed by unfamiliar questions
‘Do not be overwhelmed by the subject’
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Class 10 students may feel overwhelmed by the science board examination as two separate subjects have now been combined into one neat package. This should not dent their confidence nor deter them in any way. The following tips will help them achieve success.
While tackling the biology section of the examination, students are advised to patiently read through all the chapters given in the textbook. They should study all the questions at the end of every chapter and practice drawing the diagrams repeatedly, remembering to label the various parts. 
When answering the five mark question paper they should remember to write the answers in point format. This will make it easy for examiners to evaluate the paper. They should go through the entire examination paper, comprehend the questions and write the correct answers. 
Back of book questions will constitute up to 50 per cent of those that will appear in the examination, 40 per cent of questions will be framed from the chapters and the remaining 10 per cent will constitute the diagram. 
Students should memorise all the scientific terms, names of scientists, the year a particular species was identified and the biological terminology. While attempting the examination, they should not panic. When they find a question that is from outside the portions or is framed in a way meant to confuse students, they should pause and take a deep breath. The attempt must be to understand the question and gird oneself to write the best answer possible, not get demoralised.
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The writer is a teacher at St Michael’s Academy, Adyar

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