Look for Chennaiites’ poll feed on Youtube list

YouTubers from Chennai are planning a range of online sketches and clips to build the buzz around the upcoming Assembly Elections in TN
Look for Chennaiites’ poll feed on Youtube list
A screenshot of Ka Ka Ka Po - Madurai On TN Elections 2016


As Tamil Nadu prepares for the upcoming assembly elections, many YouTubers from the city are now planning online shows and videos to both create awareness about the elections as well as provide viewers with a bit of laugh, with their satirical take on the political landscape. 
Take for instance, Enna Da Rascalas, a popular channel that has posted many videos that have gone viral. The team, that has already touched on topics such as censorship and beef-ban has major plans for the election season.  Theatre artiste Mathivanan Rajendran, who has been a part of many videos on the Enna Da Rascalas channel says, “We are working on two ideas – one is a video that will help people make informed decisions. 
The other is to feature people who work behind the scenes on elections. It could be those who paint the posters, the fans who dress up like the political idols… people who are often missed. 
Through the stories of these unsung heroes, we would like to explain the mechanics of Tamil Nadu’s mind-boggling political scene.” The Election Commission had earlier engaged voters in Tamil Nadu through video campaigns starring celebrities like R Ashwin, Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal. Now a Dubsmash video featuring Suriya urges voters to be actively involved in shaping the destiny of India by going ahead and casting their valuable votes. 
And in an attempt to cash in on the power of virals, channels are going all out with their content. Like Madras Central, a YouTube channel that recently released a video categorised under the Katchigalum Kaalathodu Kadanthu Pogum (Ka Ka Ka Po) tagline, found the team scouting Madurai to interview the common man on the street. 
Of course, they found a novel way to make the video memorable i.e. by asking respondents to name atleast 10 political parties active in Tamil Nadu. The results were hilarious as one of the respondents even thought Nakka Mukka was a Katchi. 
On the other end of the spectrum are newbies on the YouTube circuit like Nizam Md S, a techie who wanted to create a repository of informative yet funny videos in his online channel. He recently uploaded a video on his channel 47 Akbar St., titled, ‘RaGa Made Sense...Or Did He?’ He tells us, 
“There is already so much noise on the television news channels. Through my videos, I want to take an objective approach and just tell people facts and let my audience decide for themselves. Since the elections are around, my topic will be serious but the approach will be laced with humour and satire.”

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