Boy rescued from well after 3 days

In a rare incident, a 13-year-old boy was rescued after nearly three days from a well in the district on Thursday
Boy rescued from well after 3 days
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Police said that Pradeep (13), a class 8 student of Chinamanoor and son of Balasubraminan, an estate worker of Pannaiyapuram in the district, was staying in the school hostel. Meanwhile, he visited his grandmother’s house in Pannaiyapuram on Tuesday. 
While Pradeep was playing near the house, he fell accidentally fell into an 150-ft abandoned well. But no one was aware of this. Though his family searched for him, they could not trace the boy. 
On Thursday morning, some locals, who happened to pass by the well, heard the cries of the boy and alerted the fire service personnel. 
A team rushed to the spot and pulled him out of the well using ropes. Pradeep later told his family that he ran to catch a pigeon on Tuesday morning and accidentally fell into the well. Though he shouted for help during the last three days, no one heard him. 
Only on Thursday, some persons heard his cries and came to his rescue, he said. However, locals were surprised as to how the boy managed to survive all these days in the abandoned well without food or water. 
“Moreover, the well was 150-ft deep and air circulation would also be not that good in such a depth, it is really God’s grace that kept the boy alive all these days,” said one of the villagers.

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