Life lessons through first book posts

Aruna Gurmurthy will be launching her book ‘Diya – A Megawatt Approach to Change’ on December 24 at The Amethyst. She has addressed issues of racism, stigma, dogma and discrimination in the book
Life lessons through first book posts
Aruna Gurmurthy


Tell us a little about your first book? 
‘Diya – A Megawatt Approach to Change’, my first book, is about three decades of life lessons written in three months. The title is inspired by the lamp that lights up lives, and megawatt stands for power. Diya is also the name of my two-year-old daughter.
Motivational books tend to get a little preachy. Was that a concern when you wrote the book?
 The book is not pedagogical in any way, but it is deeper than the surface. This book is actually a dream— a dream to change the mind and then the world. Drawn from Facebook posts from over seven years, each page picks up a thread from one post or a compilation of posts.
Tell us about your work as a medical researcher 
Apart from working at Duke University, University of North Carolina and University of California, Berkeley. I have spent a considerable time in an old age home, attending to those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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