Slice of Life: ‘No matter what we do, we must do it well and with honesty’

Every person has a story to share. This column puts the spotlight on the people of Chennai, faces we see but rarely interact with — giving a glimpse into their struggle
Slice of Life: ‘No matter what we do, we must do it well and with honesty’
Gnana Kumar (48), watchmaker


I   have been tinkering around with watches since I was in Class 9. I got my technical education in a private institution in the city, and then I opened up this shop in 1996. It’s been 23 years, and I’ve seen technology evolve all over the years, but be it a phone or a watch, the circuits are all the same. The models just keep getting smaller.
I’m nearing my 50s now, and I am happy that I run an honest business. I am skilled at what I do and am proud of it. No matter what we do, we must do it honestly and do a good job of it. Too many people try to cheat their customers, and that’s not right.
Technology has developed so much. My friend messaged me and told me that he had lost my number the other day. So he put my name on Google, and the details of my shop popped up, along with the directions from his house in Singapore to here. Technology these days – it’s something else. But that doesn’t mean that what we do doesn’t matter. Your actions influence the four people around you, and four others, and so on. In the short time given to us, we must live honourably.

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