Slice of Life: ‘Talent more important than experience’

Every person has a story to share. This column puts the spotlight on the people of Chennai, faces we see but rarely interact with — giving a glimpse into their struggle.
Slice of Life: ‘Talent more important than experience’
Nandhini S (22), Interior designer


I was born and brought up in Chennai. I completed BE Civil Engineering this academic year and was looking after my father’s real estate and construction business. As the real estate market is down nowadays, my father suggested that I start an interior design business. So, I set up an office at Besant Nagar three months ago. There is competition in almost every field, and nothing comes easy. But focus and hard work alone help. For now, I have around eight clients. My father supports the business financially. While recruiting workers, I hire those with talent rather than confining to experience. Through this, many young people get a chance to exhibit their talent. Within a few months, I’m planning to start a restaurant. It has been my wish since my college days. I hope I can manage both businesses. It all depends on the self-confidence. My family is very supportive now even though my father was hesitant at the beginning. Later, when he saw me take initiatives in improving the business, he grew confident that I can manage things on my own.

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