Stray cattle menace hits streets in T Nagar, troubles residents and motorists alike

Free-roaming cattle on the streets of the city’s shopping hub, T Nagar, has put the residents in difficulty.
Stray cattle menace hits streets in T Nagar, troubles residents and motorists alike
A stray animal in the middle of the road


“We have been asking the Chennai Corporation officials to control the nuisance caused by cattle owners who let their cows stray on the street. The place is stinking due to cow dung all over the street,” said R Sivaramakrishnan, a resident of Gandhi Street in T Nagar.

The residents alleged that owners of the farms in a nearby locality have been letting the cows on the streets for several years.

The conservancy workers of the city Corporation remove the cow dung from the road, but only to put it in the garbage bins, added Sivaramakrishnan. “We have to put up with the stench from the garbage bins. Apart from posing health risks, the free-roaming cattle are also an accident threat. Pedestrians and two-wheeler riders are in danger,” he said.

Similarly, school children are refusing the walk to their schools as they fear the cows and children playing on the street also suffering.

When DT Next visited the spot, kitchen waste was seen dumped at many spots on the street to feed the stray cattle. “Corporation should create awareness among the residents asking them to restrain from feeding the cows. If the residents stop feeding them, they will not come to the street,” Sivaramakrishnan said.

The residents of the area had met the Chennai Corporation officials several times demanding action against the owners. “Whenever we raise the demand, the officials assure us of action and impound the cows only to forget the assurance,” he said.

There was a warning board on one of the streets proclaiming the penalty for letting the cows on streets, but it was removed by unknown persons, residents said.

Apart from urging the authority to control stray cattle, the residents also demanded to repair roads and remove construction waste from the streets. “We have written a petition to the Chennai Corporation Commissioner highlighting our problems and seeking an appointment to meet him to explain the issues,” Sivaramakrishnan added.

As per the Chennai Corporation rules, the officials can catch and impound the stray cattle without any notice. The impounded cattle would only be returned after the owners pay Rs 10,000. “We will take necessary action to control the menace,” a Chennai Corporationofficial said.

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