Slice of Life: ‘We don’t share our problems with our son’

Every person has a story to share. This column puts the spotlight on the people of Chennai, faces we see but rarely interact with — giving a glimpse into their struggle.
Slice of Life: ‘We don’t share our problems with our son’
Sagayamary (48), Lemon soda seller


Six years ago, I migrated to Chennai with my husband and son in search of livelihood. We got some loans and set up this shop here. To provide education (engineering) for my son, the amount we earned through this wasn’t sufficient. So my husband started a sugar cane juice shop separately in Nandanam. Our business depends hugely on the weather. 
During summer, people flock for the love of lemon soda and even drink more than one glass but during winters, it is very dull. We somehow manage to earn at least Rs 500 on those dull days. 
Our happiness is our son. Even though we have several problems, we don’t show it in front of our son. He is a hardworking kid and we believe he will make us proud one day.  With what we earned and through loans, we successfully gave him a good education. He graduated last year and is searching for a job. I just wish my son gets a job soon and gets settled in life. I don’t ask for more.

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