Citizen Connect: Residents hold their breath as they wait for civic body to install garbage bins

Garbage strewn on Chavadi Street at Sunnambu Colony in Pallavaram municipality has become a common sight as the local authorities continue to be indifferent.
Citizen Connect: Residents hold their breath as they wait for civic body to install garbage bins
Cattle feed on the garbage and rest on the street


Apart from remaining an eyesore, the uncleared garbage emanates stench, forcing the passers-by to hold their breath while crossing the spot where Purushothaman Street joins Chavadi Street.

“I have been using the street for more than a month to go to my office from Pallavaram railway station. The spot has been in the same condition from day one,” V Priya, a resident of Kodambakkam said.

She added that food waste thrown by residents attracts cattle which roam freely on the street, posing threats to motorists. The street is nearly 500-metre long and there is not a single garbage bin in place.

When DT Next visited the spot, a couple of cows were seen resting on there with waste strewn around them.

“A few days ago, I saw some municipality workers removing the garbage with their bare hands. With this amount of stench, they should be given hand gloves and masks,” she concerned.

Residents of Sunnambu Colony said that Chavadi Street houses a private hospital and a few working women’s hostels. “If the municipality removes the garbage, it would keep the stray cattle away. The cattle, after eating food waste, rest on the street, hindering vehicles,” a shop owner seeking anonymity said.

However, a conservancy worker said that even though they remove the garbage periodically, residents continue to dump waste on the street. On the other hand, residents pointed out that the lack of garbage bin.

As the residents are dumping garbage near an open drain, it blocks the free flow of sewage water. “Officials should also take action to control stray cattle,” a resident added.

When contacted, an official said that he would take steps to clean the spot and stop dumping. “Necessary action also will be taken to place a garbage bin,” he added.
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