Citizen Connect: Litter on footpath opposite Guindy railway Station an eyesore for passengers every day

The narrow footpath opposite Guindy Railway station outside Race Course is littered with filth and empty liquor bottles. Those who walk by the area are forced to use the road as the waste that has accumulated takes up most of the walking space.
Citizen Connect: Litter on footpath opposite Guindy railway Station an eyesore for passengers every day


Shards of glass from broken bottles, used tetra packs, plastic wrappers and assorted waste lies near a neatly painted wall. 
“We have tried to notify the authorities, but no change has come of it. More garbage bins are needed in the area, and stricter measures need to be implemented to ensure this is stopped at some point. I have been walking on this road for more than two years now every morning on my way to work and it has remained the same. A real sore sight greets all of us,” said Manikam, who is a bank officer. 
There is also construction debris scattered around, which adds to the garbage menace. The debris takes up a lot of space on the side of the road. Vehicles that use the road drive over the waste and spreading it to other parts of the road, creating an unsanitary environment. 
Rajeshwari Kumar, a resident in the area, who walks past the street with her children every day, complained about the spate of empty liquor bottles that are casually discarded on the pavements. “It’s absolutely horrific to see this, especially when I am going to wait for the auto with my kids. There are Tasmac outlets nearby, which contribute to this. We even see drunkards who have passed out on the roads in the morning, and it’s a really disturbing sight.”
A food/juice cart nearby also disperses used cups, half-eaten snacks as well as cigarette stubs onto the footpath. “There are no bins here, so we are forced to leave the waste here. We try our best to keep it as clean as possible and ask our customers not to litter in the area. But there’s only so much we can do. If there were bins around, we would gladly use them,” said Babu, who visits the area every morning.
Calls to the Zonal officer of the area from DT Next regarding the situation went unanswered.

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