Slice of life: At 22, he is an agent of change for Nochi Nagar

Every person has a story to share. This column puts the spotlight on the people of Chennai, faces we see but rarely interact with — giving a glimpse into their struggle
Slice of life: At 22, he is an agent of change for Nochi Nagar
M Maniarasu (22), Businessman, Nochi Nagar


I am a graduate of Business Administration and worked in a BPO, soon after completing my degree. Recently, I started my own business which involves manufacture of products like key chains from wood. I want to uplift people in my neighbourhood, which was once dreaded even by auto drivers, who wouldn’t venture into the locality out of fear. The locality, which seemed to be in darkness, was extremely dirty. 
A few months ago, I decided to transform Nochi Nagar with the help of other residents. We painted different residential blocks and lit up the area with lights. We have also been looking at ways to get our issues addressed by seeking the support of government officials, time and again. I am not alone in this movement of change. I am a mere agent, who is working towards making our lives better with the help of other like-minded residents in my area. We will continue in this endeavour till our lives are better. The fact that we have been marginalised in the society gives me the inspiration to succeed in our fight.

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