Reporter’s Diary: ‘Litter’acy of the classes comes alive, Swachh style

While the efforts to clean up our cities through initiatives like the Swachh Bharat are highly commendable, a lot seems to be falling through the gaps, when it comes to execution and just plain personal discipline. At a recent luncheon, this journalist was witness to an act of utter callousness that made him question the very fabric of civilization and education that is woven around our society.
Reporter’s Diary: ‘Litter’acy of the classes comes alive, Swachh style
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At the buffet table, a gentleman, and a well-read one at that, was finding it especially hard to scoop out some Paneer Makhani from the hot pan. Unfortunately, when he did manage to get some, he dropped his curry laden spoon onto the thick carpet, that was at once soiled. Instead of picking up the spoon and informing a member of the housekeeping staff on the incident, the man in question walked away from the spot, prompted by a friend of his, who said, “Don’t worry, someone will take care of it.” 
This is not merely an isolated incident of carelessness among the literate. Just walk out of any multiplex screen after a show and survey the aisles. You will find everything from bucket-sized popcorn tubs and seasonings to empty canisters of soft drinks and sandwich boxes littered on the floor. Interestingly, these are the same folks who shell out upwards of Rs 3,000 on a movie-outing, but have no time to dispose of the remnants of their revelry. So much for a people obsessed with ‘cleanliness’.
— Bijoy Bharathan, Chennai

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