Youngsters make a calculated move, embrace abacus and Vedic math

Mathematics is a challenging subject for many and often children find it difficult to deal with large numbers. Abacus and Vedic Math are the alternative methods that are being followed by many students at a younger age to help them perform better in schools.
Youngsters make a calculated move, embrace abacus and Vedic math
Young students learning Vedic Mathematics at Kalaa Manjari


Alagappan K of Vedic Math and Abacus Training Academy says, “Abacus in the city got popular in early 2000s. Abacus was huge in Eastern countries like Thailand and Malaysia in the late 90s. 
People went there and then brought the concept here. Abacus comprises a device consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves, along which beads can be slid and the calculation done. This helps them do the calculations faster.” Explaining its popularity, he says, “A few years later Vedic Math was introduced at several centres.” 
As the name suggests, Vedic mathematics is based on the ancient system of Indian mathematics. The system factors in on the natural way the mind works and enables one to solve difficult problems or complex calculations almost immediately. 
“Vedic maths can be used to verify the solution when a problem is solved. The age is important. Abacus can be taught for children between the age group of 4-9 and Vedic maths can be taught for children above the age of 9 and above,” says Alagappan. There is a growing demand for Abacus and Vedic math in play schools. Jayashree Chinne, who runs Kalaa Manjari, an activity centre in Alwarpet, says, “These skills are not merely about solving mathematical problems but also about the application of mind and the logic behind solving a problem. If developed properly, these skills will help the youngsters in the longer run, not only in Math, but also in other walks of life.” 
These skills also come in handy while preparing for competitive exams. S Shankar, who plans to appear for IIT JEE says, “It helps me handle mathematical problems quickly. Time is an important factor when it comes to these examinations and a sound training in mathematical calculation techniques helps save time.”

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