Reporter’s diary:Crash course needed for debutant MLAs

Perhaps, the Assembly Secretariat should offer a crash course to MLAs, at least to debutants, on using literature distributed in the House
Reporter’s diary:Crash course needed for debutant MLAs


It looks like some of the lawmakers do not put the literature to any use at all. This is no exaggeration. A quick glance at the chairs at the end of the day’s business would reveal that quite a good number of MLAs leave the policy notes and other literature distributed by the government on their seats when they leave.
That is not all to it. A few understand the significance of the literature only after they emerge out of the Assembly or when someone makes a reference to a point in it or see it on television. Secretariat reporters caught one such MLA from Pudukottai district red-handed here last week when the MLA had borrowed an announcement book pertaining to the Food department from one of the journalists gathered there. What the MLA did not know was that the journalist had managed to get the book only after palavering in the bill section.
Unable to decline the MLA’s request, the journalist had given him the book and went again to the bill section only to be gently reminded that journalists need not lend literature to MLAs who get it delivered at their seats.
Probably, it might not be a bad idea for the Speaker to educate the members on using literature distributed in the House.
— K Karthikeyan, Chennai

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