Grandparents day at college with grandkids

It was the turn of grandchildren to encourage and egg on their grandparents, who were called upon to showcase their talent. It was a day dedicated to the grandparents at Fatima College here on Friday. And they had plenty of fun as they took part with enthusiasm in the grandpa/grandma special games, competing with one another.
Grandparents day at college with grandkids
Senior citizens posing for a selfie after a day of fun and games


Organised by the Department of Sociology and Social Welfare of the College, the event saw over 100 grandparents taking part and displaying their competitive spirit. Many grandfathers were seen racing against the clock to neatly fold sarees, a task that not many men are familiar with. The thatha who folded the saree neatly in the shortest span of time was adjudged the winner. As for grandmothers, they had to place different types of caps befitting a sport, and pass the ball around—which they sportingly indulged in and enjoyed. 
This year’s Grandpa-ma event was the fifth edition by the organisers. Earlier, the event was restricted to only the grandparents of students of Sociology department but later it was extended to all the departments, said Lalitha, one of the organisers of the event.
After the games, it was time for geriatric care. A special camp was conducted for the seniors and super seniors by Vasan Eye Care, and a special, general medical camp was conducted by Velammal Hospital. 
Anandhavalli, District Social Welfare Officer, spoke on the importance of caring for the older generation. Addressing the students and the grandparents, she spoke about the common social problems faced by the elders. She also gave tips to the younger generation on how to approach the seniors. She also spoke about the responsibilities of grandparents and how they must contribute in shaping their grandchildren. 
Similarly, Rukmani, Joint Director (Health), Madurai, spoke about the common health problems faced by the old and the precautionary measures that should be taken to pre-empt the problems. She also asked the youngsters to understand the health conditions of their grandparents and to extend all possible help to them, physically and emotionally. 

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