I read a lot of script books to keep myself updated: Sibi Sathyaraj

The actor in this interview with DT Next talks about his upcoming film Ranga that will hit the screens on May 13. He talks about playing a person with alien hand syndrome and juggling between action and comedy films
I read a lot of script books to keep myself updated: Sibi Sathyaraj
Actor Sibi Sathyaraj

Actor Sibi Sathyaraj talks to us about the release of his long-pending film Ranga. The film has been in the making for quite a long time and the actor is quite relieved about the film’s release on May 13. “Despite a delayed release, the film will still stay relevant because of the topic we have dealt with. Moreover, this is the first time I have played such a role, which is also one of the reasons for me to accept the film,” Sibi begins. While the first part of the trailer shows how one his hands goes out of control, the second part of it is action-packed. “I found these factors pretty interesting. There is a reason why my hand goes out of control in the trailer. It is called alien hand syndrome and we haven’t seen a script revolving around this in Tamil yet. Also, the film is action-packed with intricate details that was shot in Kashmir. In a way, Ranga is one of the biggest films in my career. All of these were fascinating when I first heard the story from director Vinod DL” he tells us.

However, Sibi is aware that for a movie to succeed there are a lots of other things that are involved. “A good story is not the only factor nowadays for a film to succeed. A good execution, a neat performance, a solid technical team and a determined producer are also important to take the content to the audience. The team of Ranga ticks all these boxes,” adds the actor.

Sibi tells us about the takeaways he had from the movie and says that he would love to keep experimenting keeping certain parameters in mind. “The first thing is I don’t look for something that is way different and takes the audience into a different world altogether. When I hear the script, I should feel that it is different from my previous films. I don’t want to keep playing the same investigative officer chasing a murderer with a stiff body language. When it came to Ranga, though it is about alien hand syndrome, each and every muscle in my body should move. My face should react opposite to what my hand does. Have you observed a dog? Sometimes, it keeps frowning at you but will be wagging its tail. For me it was the opposite with Ranga,” he says with a laugh.

The homework that Sibi constantly does is to read script books. “I have been doing that religiously to keep myself updated on the basics of understanding a script. I read books of good scriptwriters to understand the nuances of a fine script,” he concludes.

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