'Jango': A Tamil film with a Turkish word for a title

The title of director Mano Karthikeyan's upcoming film 'Jango' which the filmmakers claim is India's first time loop-based science fiction film, actually comes from the Turkish language.
'Jango': A Tamil film with a Turkish word for a title
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"The word 'Jango' in Turkish means to 'awaken'. My film has a connection with both the word Jango and the act of waking up."
Ask the director what the concept of time loop is and he explains, "When a period of time  it could be an hour, a day, a week or a month  keeps repeating itself, then you call it a time loop. For instance, in my film, a doctor wakes up one Monday and gets caught in a time loop. How he comes out is what the film is all about."
The film, which is even difficult to conceptualise, was a challenge to shoot, says the director, who says that writing this script was very different and more challenging than writing other scripts.
"When you deal with a time loop film, the same situation will appear again and again and yet, you have to showcase them in a different and interesting manner each time so that the audience understands that this is a loop," says Mano.
Produced by C.V. Kumar, the film, which features actors Sathish and Mrinalini Ravi in the lead, has music by Ghibran and cinematography by Karthik K. Thillai.

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