Namit Das: My father has been a strong influence on me when it comes to music

Actor Namit Das, who is the son of veteran ghazal singer Chandan Das, is a musician, too. He composed music for Mira Nair's "A Suitable Boy", has a band and has released an EP titled "Din Gaye". On World Music Day, Monday, Namit recalls how his interest in music developed primarily because of his father.
Namit Das: My father has been a strong influence on me when it comes to music


"My father's dedication towards ghazals and music played a major role. When you grow up seeing your parents respect something so much, you are bound to develop the same respect and seriousness. He has been a very strong influence in my life when it comes to music," Namit tells IANS. 
The actor reveals that his inclination towards music started at a young age. 
"I have grown up in a home where music is cherished and respected. My father has devoted his life to music and seeing him, I have also picked up the artform at an early age. After some time, I found my own footing and started creating my own music," says the actor, who also has a strong theatre background. 
Namit has partnered with multi-instrumentalist Anurag Shanker for cover versions and singles in the past. 
Commenting on where independent music stands in India, he says: "I feel while independent music has always had its own audience, with every generation the interest has grown and reduced in waves. As much as I want lockdown to end, I would say that it has given independent music a chance to once again grow. I hope it keeps on growing." 

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