Dominic Cooper to headline thriller 'Nightfall'

'Mamma Mia' star Dominic Cooper is set to lead the upcoming thriller 'Nightfall'.
Dominic Cooper to headline thriller 'Nightfall'
Dominic Cooper (Photo: Reuters)

Los Angeles

According to The Hollywood Reporter, BAFTA-winning director James Strong, known for the acclaimed crime drama series ''Broadchurch'', is attached to helm the feature film. 
''Nightfall'', a project which hails from The Exchange, will be penned by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi. 
The story follows a charismatic former hard rock band frontman, played by Cooper, who wants to be left in peace. But when a young fan shows up at his doorstep and accuses him of the unthinkable, he discovers that walking away might not be so easy. 
''Nightfall'' will be backed by Christopher Watkins and Kevin Goetz of Catapult Entertainment and Caddy Vanasirikul of The Exchange. Brian O'Shea and Nat McCormick will serve as executive producers for The Exchange. 
Cooper is currently shooting for Bron's spaghetti Western TV series ''That Dirty Black Bag''.

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