Covid-19: Uber vaccinates over 37,000 drivers

Ride-hailing platform Uber on Thursday said more than 37,000 drivers on its platform have received at least one vaccine shot as part of its COVID vaccination efforts.
Covid-19: Uber vaccinates over 37,000 drivers

New Delhi

In April, Uber had announced a Rs 18.5 crore (USD 2.5 million) initiative to get 1.5 lakh drivers on its platform vaccinated over six months. 
''...more than 37,000 drivers on its platform have received at least one COVID vaccine shot as part of the company's Rs 18.5 crore initiative to help India get moving again,'' a statement said. 
Over the past few weeks, Uber has continued to invest in driver education using in-app messages, educational videos and virtual meetings with medical experts to remove vaccine hesitancy, bust common myths and spread awareness on vaccination benefits, it added. 
Uber is also collaborating with state governments to facilitate free vaccination for drivers in Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Bareilly, Gorakhpur, Bhopal and Bhubaneswar. The company is also in talks with other State governments to support similar initiatives across India. ''Mass vaccination is the best defense in India's fight against COVID. We're committed to the communities we serve and want to help riders and drivers get both jabs as soon as possible...These efforts enhance safety on the Uber platform and help India get moving again,'' Prabhjeet Singh, President at Uber India South Asia, said. 
In May, Uber had also announced an updated financial support programme for drivers diagnosed with COVID-19 through which they will be able to claim 14 days in partial earnings support. In the unfortunate event of a driver succumbing to COVID-19, Uber will provide a one-time support package worth Rs 75,000 to help meet the immediate needs of surviving family members. 
As India recovers from the impact of the deadly second wave of coronavirus infections, several organisations across the spectrum came forward to support the relief efforts. Efforts to ramp up vaccination are also underway. India has so far administered over 30.1 crore jabs to eligible beneficiaries. 
Rapido, a bike taxi platform, has launched a comprehensive care programme to safeguard the physical, mental and economic health of over 1.5 million registered driver partners and their family members from the impact of the pandemic. 
The programme covers a host of initiatives like financial support, medicines and insurance cover, vehicle provision and maintenance aid, it said in a statement. 
Sleep and home solutions company said it has conducted wellness sessions throughout the last quarter to help more than 2,000 employees reflect on their emotional, and physical state, amidst the pandemic. It collaborated with certified consultants and experts to host the workshops. has also been offering medical benefits and community driven COVID-19 support, apart from an extensive vaccination drive that vaccinated over 1,200 people spread across its offices in Bengaluru, Delhi and Jodhpur. The initiative benefited its permanent, as well as contract workforce, while also providing vaccines to family members and affiliated third-party vendors like delivery fleet, security guards, etc. 
Spoton Logistics said it has tied up with local private and government hospitals across the country to provide vaccination for its employees and partners. The company has started the drive in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada, and included employees, handlers and partners.

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