Livestream: Work-wear for women that got America Inc sitting up, taking note

Interviewer Sarah Elkins unravels a unique story – going by the description of her podcast which says great adventures often require zero preparation.
Livestream: Work-wear for women that got America Inc sitting up, taking note
Sarah Calhoun


More than a decade ago, Red Ants Pants was born when its founder Sarah Calhoun, decided to design a line of clothing that would be apt for women workers employed in farms. Elkin’s interview with Calhoun in this podcast chronicles Calhoun’s growing up years when she got her hands dirty in the family-owned meadows. It was during the livestock breeding of llamas at dairy farms, where she picked up the nuances of the backbreaking family business. A college stint followed by work in the untamed America made her realise that the “rips” in her jeans or “grass stains” could not be mended.

No one really cared enough to make heavy duty clothing functional. How could a curvy woman fit herself in a squared men’s pants? Calhoun tried talking to different companies to take cognizance of the fact that a woman’s body is shaped differently. But no answers came until someone inspired to start her own line of clothing – and that seemed to have the hit the nail on the head.

With no entrepreneurial experience, as a 25-year-naive (in her own words) Calhoun armed herself with a copy of Business for Dummies. Little did she know that reading it at a coffee shop would change the course of her destiny. A chance encounter with Richard Siberall, a veteran designer and producer at a small firm, Patagonia, was all it took for Calhoun to begin her dream venture. It took eight months to get the functionality and fit just right. It did not stop there. Today, Siberall is one member on her Board of Advisors.

From the name of the company to the design of its website to selling and many other aspects of running a business, she learned everything from scratch. However, Red Ants Pants, which started as a dedicated work-wear for women, has morphed itself into a brand that caters to diverse customers today. Elkins asks Calhoun the right questions, many of which will have listeners break into a chuckle. Here’s a pep talk that will make your weekend a lot more inspired.
Title: Great Adventures Often Begin with Zero Preparation
SYNOPSIS: Sarah Calhoun, a small town farm owner in the US, takes the notion of work-wear for women and turns it on its head. Founded in 2006, her venture Red Ants Pants was the first company dedicated to making work clothes for women. It is based in White Sulphur Springs, a small ranching town in the middle of Montana. 
NOTEWORTHY: Having decided on a business model of selling directly to consumers minus any middlemen, Tour de pants was an initiative undertaken by Calhoun to connect face-to-face with customers, and spread the good word around. Calhoun got letters, including one from a dairy farmer, appreciating her for customising the work-wear to body shapes.

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