Brighten up your living space with vintage lights

Getting the right amount of light is the thumb rule of any design. It begins with setting the space with lighting that suits the purpose, taste, ambience, and reflects the mood in right sense.
Brighten up your living space with vintage lights


Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to designing homes and going back to our roots, blending it with modern aesthetics can never go out of style. One can also take inspiration from their roots, ancestral homes or antique likes for lighting in their homes.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in providing a cosy and a comfortable ambience. Vintage lights add a touch of spark to the design and give a rustic comfort. With vintage lights making a comeback, the entire design of a room can be elevated with the flip of a switch. With the trend setting in vintage lights gives options for the buyers to choose from real brass to, metallic finish, antique replicas, and much more. Antique lights are making a re-entry into every home to warm up the ambience and add splendour to the space. With ceilings gaining more and more importance in the design world, ceiling lights are becoming an integral part of the design too, by drawing attention to the space.

Sourcing it right
Lights are becoming a decorative element in design of interiors. With different shapes, styles, finishes, boosting the aesthetic essence for the interior space. One of the key point buyers need to consider while picking such fixtures is to ensure that the lights are bought from experienced and verified antique dealer for better understanding of the chandeliers, light fixtures, its durability and most importantly authenticity of the fixture. Enhancing the beauty of these lights is to choose a right spot for suspending them in the room for accentuating the effect and achieve some visual focus.

Vintage lights can create a soothing ambiance and calmness to our homes. Being creative and innovative can do lot more than just installing the light fixtures. The lights should complement the context of your interior scheme and fit the purpose. Be it a chandelier, pendant lighting, or a side lamp the product has to enhance the vintage feel, yet not compromise on the amount of light required. Light used in the interior should be warm and cosy and not too bright in order to create a charming atmosphere. Lighting should blend with the vintage theme and chosen colours to give it the best aspect. With LED fixtures being the norm, one may opt for shade of light based on the function of the space. However, with vintage fixture warm white or yellow goes well.

C Alankrutha, Architect - Navin’s

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