• Tue, Jan 22, 2019


Sunday, 20 January To Saturday, 26 January, 2019
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in


Brighter employment prospects are foreseen for many.  Some can have good movable properties.  Those on financial segments, can foresee good savings and will proceed according to their commitments / schedules.  New ventures, agreements can be signed in this week.  Government support / help would be immense without hurdles.  Avoid investing in purchase of gold ornaments.  Students will have struggles in their competitive exams.


Medical expenses are foreseen for many.  Women would be happy in receiving family and friends to their house and share their happiness.    Works entrusted to others would also be finished on time.  Your handled projects would be successful for launching and execution.  Traders are advised to go ahead with their property deals, without any modifications.  A week of happiness would prevail.  All works would come to a smooth ending.  Students will shine well.



A new venture is getting ready for you for your betterment.  Accept and proceed.  Friends would be much help this week. Savings would vanish with hefty expenses.  Parental intervention would be seen for settling disputes with siblings.  Women would engage in travels and deal their business.  Never get tensed during the end of the week.  Students should put their maximum efforts for their success in admission.


Try to accept other’s concepts and ideas and give a second thought.  Addition / alteration of house hold materials will be carried out this week.  All the purchase would be made for running family.  Students would secure good marks based on their skill levels.  Analyse the methodologies and proceed, which would be useful and beneficial.  Government support would be an added advantage for your implementation of new ventures.  Never be rigid or rude on your decision.  



Right time for your implementation of your projects.  Right person would help you at right time.  Right move in family brings unity of family members.  Your planned works would go smooth.  Don’t give room for relaxation.  Week ends would be time to meet new friends and family members.  Women are advised to stay away from family politics and avoid criticism.  For some, kids health would be major concern.


Family property disputes would be nearing settlement.  Women folks are advised to be maintain silence and not to reveal family issues especially with colleagues.  First two days of the week would be a place for confusions and all the works would be delayed.  Next four days would be gains and change of works, schedule rearrangements, family tour, execution of priorities etc.


Disputes with family can be settled this week.  Medical expenses are underway.   Near relatives would visit your home and spend time. Long distance call would fetch you good news.   Wednesday and Thursday are the 2 days to be dealt very carefully without seeking help from others.  Utter confusion would prevail due to planetary impacts.  Women folks would get good support from family and spouse.  Traders are advised to be away from speculations.


Ultimate week of full gains foreseen.  Assignment / Offers are underway for some seeking employment.  Family members would always be supportive for your decisions.  Women would be engaged in their own family business which would get lump sum gains.  New purchases are foreseen for family.  Some can foresee changes in living place or shifting of new residence, etc.  Disputes with siblings would come to an smooth ending.   New orders and customers would also be a gain.


Friends would help you this week.  Expenses are more this week.  Beware of your financial commitments which could not be met out.  Take a vigil move always.  Traders can foresee a good sign of investment and returns on their own business.  Government help / support would be extended without any partiality.   Traders can get good turnover of a lot of efforts.  Women folks would be too busy in family issues and business.  A week of mixed results.


Your expenditure for family would be out of control.  Your decisions would be totally helpful to all of your friends and enemies.  Drive carefully this week.  Some can foresee a family members hospitalised and huge expenses.  Women can expect a favourable help from near and dears.  Your decision to have a change in job would be fruitful enough. Your expectations in increase of your emoluments would be favourable. Traders can see they are appreciated for their prompt and good services.


Some can foresee expenditures on family tours.  Some would have a sudden assignment to long distance travel. Builders would be prompt in their commitments and you can get your building keys on time.  Disposal of properties should be put on hold, which would be a major loss due to fluctuations.  Not all women would foresee troubles, while some can stay away from disputes.  Second half would be totally beneficial at all levels.  Keep your fingers crossed for a two days time and work out from third day, which would be a major success.  


Friends would be helping you much this week.   Pressure from all sides would accumulate to make final decisions.     Do not point fingers on others for your own mistakes.  Avoid tackling situations alone, seek help from spouse wherever necessary  Change is inevitable this week. Some can foresee all government help are finished in time.  Documents signed on time.  Keep mind calm and pray almighty for success. Traders are benefitted on their move.