• Fri, Jun 22, 2018


Sunday, 17 June To Saturday, 23 June, 2018
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in

Date: Friday, June 22, 2018
Yogam: Pareegam 
Tamil year: Vilambi
Karanam: Vanisai 
Month & day: Aani-08
Rahukalam: 10.30-12.00 noon
Yamakantam: 3.00-4.30 pm
Natchatram: Chithirai
Sunrise: 5.51 am 
Sunset: 6.33 pm
Thithi: Dasami


A week of mixed results. Financial dealings should be dealt with guidance. Businessmen can foresee some changes in their transactions/dealings. Women can foresee all sort of help extended to them without trouble. The first half of the week would be beneficial, but the middle of the week would be troublesome. Some may have to move out of the place voluntarily because of hectic pressures from head office.


Family bonding seems good this week. Kids would be helpful in all ways possible. Don’t get tensed for petty issues. All good is to happen during the first two days of the week. Some would have troubles doubled in property issues from the spouse side. Try to change your views on finalising a residence. Siblings would extend their help in solving the issues. Women should be very strict in financial dealings. 


A new friend would help you sort out the troubles met in a business deal. Family members would be very strict about your income and expenses. Women would be very helpful in many ways. Social contacts would enhance your deals in business and can foresee profits. This would surely double your profit in the longer run. Traders have to be very strict with accounts.


Maintain the secret relationship. Women can foresee a good financial turnover, as and when required. Students would be dull in studies and have to be improved. Some good news from a foreign country is foreseen. The second part of the week would be very awesome with your besties helping out in troubles. Parents would assist you in finding a right partner and should be accepted. 


Success in all ventures is foreseen during the entire week. Keep your word and commitments. Some have new business agreements signed on. Traders can have new deals ahead — gains are foreseen. Opportunities from abroad would knock your door. Builders have to maintain their commitments to hand over the property on scheduled dates. Women can foresee troubles from their siblings and friends. 


A week of mixed results. The first two days of the week would be troublesome due to an absent-minded situation. Hidden enemies’ troubles are foreseen this week. Some of you would have pressures from the Government to finish the work on time. Confusion may prevail due to your harsh approach. Be straightforward on your approaches. Women can see good co-operation between friends and relatives. 


Some of you would have a hill-station journey for a couple of days. Avoid speculations this week. Don’t waste money on legal settlements, which would further delay the process. Some can have troubles from their siblings on ancestral properties but can be settled with discussions. Women can foresee good bonding with kids and would love to move out of the place.



A normal turnover with less profit is foreseen. Some can have foreign travels as planned before. Some may have advanced investments for a hefty profit. Go ahead, this week is favourable. Some may have tensions for their kids are to be taken to hospital for small treatments. Spouse would panic you with their doubts and ideas. Business deals are not a troublesome area this week. 


A week of multiple gains in all the fields. Economists/ speakers/media persons would flourish this week with their sensitive comments. Flower merchants would incur a loss in their business. Government help would be extended on time and you can get relieved on electricity issues, solved without any trouble. Businessmen would foresee some sort of loss on their provisions/materials.


Your doubts on others would be very suspicious, but nothing can be foreseen. Keep your hands folded as things would happen to you at the right time. Relax your mind and work. Last week of the day would be troublesome and your purse would go empty. Women can foresee medical treatment on their monthly issues and medicinal intakes. Students would be placed on their requested course of education.


Your plans would be implemented without any troubles. Friends and relatives would extend their support on your ideas and accept your advanced concepts. Keep your wallet in safe custody as financial loss is foreseen. Drive carefully and be vigilant. Some can have agreements signed. Women can enjoy a good relation with the spouse. 


Some of your friends would help you financially. Traders could foresee some sort of hindrance from partners or from the suppliers and delay in delivery of goods or services.  A long-distance call would make you plan out some of the modalities — a change of place or residence or job for a better future. Women would enjoy a reunion with siblings.  All your wishes are to be fulfilled this week.