• Wed, Sep 18, 2019


Sunday, 15 September To Saturday, 21 September, 2019
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in

Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Tamil year: Vigaari

Month & day: Purattasi-01

Natchatram: Bharani

Thithi: Chathurti-Panchami

Rahukalam: 12.00-1.30 pm

Yamakantam: 7.30-9.00 am

Yogam: Vyakaatham

Karanam: Baalavam

Sunrise: 6.03 am

Sunset: 6.06 pm 



Investments can be made this week. Some would have troubles with friends and neighbours. Discard a second person’s ideas on business and proceed with your schedules. New friends would help in your business deals and you would be put into gains. Flower merchants would incur a loss in their business. The spouse would be totally favourable in supporting your deals. Your perfect and concrete ideas would be implemented and appreciated.


A week of mixed results is foreseen. Help from friends/colleagues and spouse would be of immense use to you. Grab the opportunity and finish all your targets. A week of relaxed mind with fewer tensions. Some have opportunity to visit far off places with family and friends. Kids’ movement would worry you. Expenses are also on the pipeline. Never deviate your thoughts for petty issues. Some would be seen worried about parental health issues.


Some have the opportunity to interact with people and implement their projects. Your request would be approved by many and helps extended to your satisfaction. Never deviate from your policy of living conditions on whatsoever the condition may be. Some would have the opportunity to interact with higher government officials and get appreciation. Never indulge in speculations, for loss is foreseen. Keep track of your commitments. 


Never be harsh in your work area. Take the chance to hear others and act upon them for the ultimate benefit of each other. Some of you would have pressures from the government to finish the work on time. The first two days of the week would be a time with good returns on your investments. Confusion may prevail due to your harsh approach. Be straightforward on your approaches. Women can see good co-operation between friends and relatives.


A week of good results from all sides. Government/legal issues would be settled amicably. Those on business deals can find good returns this week. Media persons can expect good coverage and appreciation. Problems with siblings would be settled without issues. Harshness in speech has to be avoided at any cause. Health has to be taken care of while travelling. Some would have minor disputes with spouse and neighbours and would be settled in minutes. Avoid speculations.


Women would be in a state of tension all week ahead. Business deals are not a troublesome area this week. A normal turnover with less profit is foreseen. Expenses are foreseen much this week. Some can have foreign travels as planned before. Some may have tensions for their kids are to be taken to the hospital for small treatments. The spouse would panic you with their doubts. First two days would be a state of confusion and remaining days are totally favourable for you.


A new friend would help you out to sort out the troubles met in a business deal. Family members would be very strict on your income and expenses. Women would be very careful with financial dealings. Social contacts would enhance your deals in business and can foresee profits. Do not try to deviate your schedules for the week ahead. Traders have to be very strict with partnership deals and accounts to be monitored frequently.


Parents would assist you in finding the right partner and should be accepted. Some good news from a foreign country is foreseen. The second part of the week would be very troublesome with provocations. A social media friend would approach you for a good cause in the middle of the week. Women can foresee good financial turnover in business. Take good care of the family’s health. 


Those on building deals have to maintain their commitments to hand over the property on scheduled dates. All gains are foreseen. Opportunities from abroad would knock the door for the right persons. Women can foresee troubles from their siblings and friends on the work side. Success in all ventures is foreseen during the entire week. Keep your wordings and commitments. Some have new agreements. Traders can have new deals ahead.


A long-distance call will make you plan out some of the modalities in a change of place or residence or job for a better future. Traders are foreseen some sort of hindrance from partners or from the suppliers and delay in delivery of goods or services. Women would enjoy this week with family and close friends. A new entry in the family is also foreseen. Some can foresee wedding bells ringing. Engage a driver for long-distance travels.   



Good week ahead with a lot of help from friends and family members in times of your need. The first half of the week would be totally beneficial for traders and business people. Volunteers would find some time for the outstation program. Avoid a confused state of mind and proceed with your daily schedules. Women would be benefitted with help from colleagues and friends. Some may have to move out of the place voluntarily for hectic pressures from head office.


Kids would understand your situation and act upon your needs. The spouse would be understanding and cooperative in your works this week. Parents would be supportive enough for your inspirational thoughts. Office-goers would find a change of place or job in the near future. Gains would be good enough during the end of the week. Take good care of your health and personal belongings.