• Wed, Feb 21, 2018


Sunday, 18 February To Saturday, 24 February, 2018
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 
Yogam: Subram 
Tamil year: Yevilambi 
Karanam: Koulavam 
Month & day: Maasi-09 
Rahukalam: 12.00-1.30 pm 
Yamakantam: 7.30-9.00 am 
Natchatram: Bharani-Karthigai 
Sunrise: 6.33 am 
Sunset: 6.15 pm 
Thithi: Sashti


Planning and execution would work out at right time with proper guidance from family. You have to be very careful with all your commitments, as tension would prevail in many areas of your intervention. Take decisions spontaneously, so that nobody can beat your advance thinking. Savings would be lost due to investments. Be patient to receive your amount in due course of time.



The first half of the week would be awesome for all your deals, while some could face difficulties due to planetary impacts. Don’t point fingers on others for your mistakes.  Keep your valuables in safe custody and be secured with your spouse’s advice. Shuffle/re-arrange your priorities according to the need. This could reduce your work burden. Stay away from disputes.



Keep your fingers crossed for a couple of days and work it out from the middle of the week. Tension can prevail for many during the first part of the week. Some would get a sudden assignment to long-distance travel. A few others can foresee expenditures on family tours. Women should keep their commitments done on time without any second thoughts. 



Your decision to have a change in the job would be fruitful enough. Traders can see appreciation for their prompt services. Women can expect a favourable help from near and dear ones. Change of work for some people would happen by the end of the week. Some can foresee a loss in financial dealings. Your expectations in increase of your emoluments would be favourable. 


Your plan to sort out one issue would end up in another issue. Anyway, parental guidance would help you to sort the issue without any trouble. Women can foresee a good sign of selecting a right partner in life. Traders can foresee a good sign of investment and returns on their own business. Government support would be extended without any partiality. Beware of your karmas and act accordingly.  


Your spouse would be supportive in all your endeavours.  The first half of the week would be of much relief.  Take liberty in seeking solution for your problem with your spouse. Women would be engaged in unwanted situations unknowingly. Beware of friends who trouble you in your work area. Traders could get good turnover after a lot of effort.



Friends would be supportive throughout the week. Women would get into trouble due to arguments. Deal with a positive approach to hold your name and fame. Undue expenses would crop up and your savings would be reduced. Absent minded situation would create a negative wave in the family and would end up with quarrels. Your actions and commitments have to be revived.


Your health would be a major concern. Some would undergo a minor operation or hospitalisation this week. Women would foresee a lot of help from their friends and relatives to settle the issues. Consult your elders for any change in your working modality. Traders are advised to keep track on their account settlements and obtain clearance from the government.


You would be in a dilemma in taking decisions due to planetary impacts, for the first two days of the week. Rest of the week is totally favourable. Some can foresee health issues. Beware of driving your own car and if possible engage a driver for long-distance travel. One of your friends might trouble you this week for many issues. Working women will have a good week.


Businessmen would be totally busy this week in procuring and disbursing materials. Property issues would be settled this week. Parents would help you with a share in acquiring a new flat. Friends would help you out dealing with government officials. Women can chalk out the expenditure for the entire week and implement in phased manner. Good week to invest in gold.


Your affection towards kids would be appreciated. Builders can see good potential in property dealings. Traders can foresee a drastic increase in sales and gain profits. Beware of your commitments. Women could face some troubles at their work place. Students are advised to keep track on their continuing education. Don’t get into heated debates. Deal with things with a calm and composed approach.


Try to save as much as you can, which would help you in spending this week. Legal matters would be smooth going without any hurdles. Women should find time to spend with family. Students would get job placements. Traders can see mixed results in their sales and purchase. The last part of the week would be successful. Those in business will see good returns in later half of the week.