• Sat, Aug 18, 2018


Sunday, 12 August To Saturday, 18 August, 2018
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in


The first three days would be lucky enough to implement your projects. Never be partial with neighbours and find fault
with others. Vehicle expenditure is foreseen. Be extremely careful while driving. Women are advised to stay calm. Some can expect a change of place. You would be helping siblings this week.


Implement your schedules one by one. Government intervention would trouble you. Pay your pending dues/loans /debts, so that you will be in the good books of all concerned. Think and act upon the situations that trouble you.  Change of vehicles would be on the list. Women would find happiness all around.


Have a give and take policy, so that you would be admired amid your circle. Those working in foreign countries would plan for a short vacation in India. Businessmen could foresee a loss but can get through by the end of the week. Parental health would be a concern for you this week. Women would have a good time with friends and relatives this entire week.


There would be a delay in implementing new projects. Never bother about financial instability, as fund flow this week would be abundant in spite of expenses. Some who are with government service would get appreciated for their hard work. Artists can foresee a good sign of new assignments. Some would find time to travel with friends and family. A week of good move. 


Never give room to second thoughts for your future plans; delay would lead to failure and defame. Some who are in the media/journalism can find a good time this week. Confusion would prevail, but success is guaranteed for the rest of the days. Happiness would prevail as your health would co-operate without any trouble. Builders can see a good sign of investments in their property deals.


The first two days and the last two days are good enough to go through your business and investments. Government officials who are expecting promotions can get new assignments with transfers. Those on logistics can foresee good contracts for the transportation of goods and materials. Students would shine well. Women are advised to take care of their belongings.


Expenses are in the pipeline - some can foresee health issues and would be admitted to the hospital. For some, it would lead to surgery too. Never be adamant about your decisions. Have a straightforward move to achieve your deals. Expenses to family is inevitable. Those who planned for a long distance travel would get postponed/ cancelled for unknown reasons.


Your commitment and sincerity would be appreciated at all times. Your helping mentality would fetch you good name and fame. Some who are working in the government sector can foresee good sign of assurance from the government for your welfare. Businessmen would foresee a loss this week, but coming days are good enough so no need to worry.  A long-distance travel would fulfill your desires and dreams.  


You would successfully complete a project. Those who are planning to expand their business can proceed. Health would trouble you often; medication is advised. Those who are active on social media would find new friends. Family meetings and engagements would keep you tight during the first half of the week. Stay away from commitments this week.  


The best week ahead with all tasks finalised on time. Those on IT sectors would foresee foreign assignments. Financial burdens would start to accumulate one by one. Keep a strict watch on parents’ health. Never be harsh with workers/colleagues. Some can foresee troubles with neighbours on petty issues. A week of happiness for women.


Take good care of your health. Some would have allergy on the body; medication is advised. Some can foresee good flow of money. New jobs/assignments would be in pipeline. Parental blessings would bestow good deeds on your path. Take advice from your spouse. Women are advised to proceed without any second thoughts on their family duties. 



Middle of the week would be a state of confusion. Hidden enemies would create troubles.  Family advice is inevitable and has to be followed. Property disputes would take time to settle. Those who wished for a job transfer can see positive results. Women should not indulge in poking nose on unknown subjects. Avoid speculations.