• Mon, Jul 24, 2017


Sunday, 23 July To Saturday, 29 July, 2017
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in

Date: Monday, July 24, 2017
Yogam: Siththam 
Tamil year: Yevilambi
Karanam: Bhavam Month & day: Aadi-8
Rahukalam: 7.30-9.00 am 
Yamakantam: 10.30-12.00 noon
Natchatram: Pusam 
Sunrise: 5.59 am
Thithi: Prathama-Dwidiyai 
Sunset: 6.34 pm


Name and fame would be on the list. Those who are stubborn on their deals should think of a give and take policy this week. Never indulge in arguments with your higher officials.  Traders are advised to keep calm in their transaction dealings. Week ends would be a time to rejoice with family.  Some of the hidden enemies try to provoke you in some way or the other during the first half of the week. 


Find time to pay off your tax and dues to government agencies on time. Electrical works at home would force you to spend out of your savings. Take care in dealing with officials when fulfilling your commitments. Do not argue with spouse as it can lead to great quarrel. Women are advised to have a clear picture on their commitments before signing up. Delay/ postponement of your schedules would hamper your deals. 


Those in the IT sector and waiting for onsite opportunity can foresee good results during the first half of the week. Some who are in the government sector, can get a good pay hike with promotional transfers. Time to put on hold your property deals as planetary impacts are not so favourable.  Check with elders at home always, before you venture into property deals. 


Competition would lead to failures. Some can have trouble with siblings. Get advice from experienced people before putting into action your long pending desires. Take advice of spouse/ kids before getting things done at home. Put on hold for all lavish purchases. Actors/ media persons can shine in their fields this week. Some who are committed in love can foresee good sign for engagement/ nuptial knots.


Proceed with your decisions without second thoughts.  Parents health should be taken care of this week, else leads to expenses in hospitalization. Never drive alone in long distance travels. Engage driver and have a safe journey. Builders can foresee a good turnover but with a lot of modifications. Women should proceed to temples and fulfil an pending offerings.


The entire week would be a time of happiness with all your works fulfilled with ease. Proceed with documentation of property purchase/ sales. Keep all documents under safe custody. Plan your actions and implement without delay. Your expectations are fulfilled without any deviations. Some can foresee friends/ family member’s help in dealing with all your day to day activities. 


Keep track of all the files of your deal kept in your office. Do not lend money to anyone this week. Your loan would be delayed for unwanted reasons this week. Some can get into trouble with neighbours for petty issues. Don’t get tense for petty issues. Troubles with siblings foreseen during first half of the week. Be polite with your workers/ labourers.  Last day of the week would be memorable.


Works which are pending are to be finished one by one on priority. Some can have confused state of mind on Monday and Tuesday. Rest of the week would be good and the last two days would prove memorable. Government support is immense this week. Those who have applied for government job can see placements as desired. Those who are on the waiting list for onsite can get good news.


Pending works are to be cleared without any postponement.  Some can foresee good contacts with diplomats and high officials. Those who are in media/ arts/ services shall get good recognition and awards. Women are advised not to disclose family issues to their friends. Goods and services rendered by you would be appreciated at large. Those who are on hunt of life partner can foresee good signs.


Health issues would crop up and lead to unwanted medical expenses. Family desires are to be fulfilled. Hold on purchase of electronic items, which would lead to damages. This week end would be surely a time for fun and ride. Women who are in business will have a good week. Do not overlook spouse’s  advice as it will lead to trouble. Those looking to shift their residence can proceed this week.


Always stay away from disputes/ gossips. Some who are on the hunt for government jobs, can surely foresee delay in placement orders. But delay is also good. Your expenses would double up. Some who are away from kids can foresee good news from them. Stay alert at your work place, for you are to be provoked for unwanted reasons.  Family members visit to your home would bring your kids happiness.


Enemies would try to hamper your schedules. A new person in your life, would help you out in time of distress. A long distance travel planned earlier would be fulfilled without trouble. Financial constraints would slowly vanish in due course of time. Keep track of your routine works and finish on time without delay. Gains are foreseen in business area. Implement your ideas in a phased manner.