• Tue, Nov 21, 2017


Sunday, 19 November To Saturday, 25 November, 2017
Astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in


Never be harsh with siblings. Friends would help out in times.  Transfer for some who wished to move can get through. Traders are advised not to go for speculations. Provocation by others on your silly issues would be blown up. Take care with hidden enemies who can create troubles at times.  Family advice is inevitable and has to be followed. Property disputes would take time to settle


Don’t burden yourself with extra commitments. Move along with people who need your advice. Never be partial in society and with neighbours. Some can face expenditures on vehicles. First half of the week is lucky enough to implement and get success in your projects. Change of place would be on thought for some people. Your perfection would not be on light for some days. Never find fault on others movement.  Take care in driving vehicles.


Happiness would prevail as your health would co-operate without any trouble.  Some who are expecting new arrival (baby) would foresee good and normal delivery. Never give room to second thoughts for your action to be put into.  Delay would lead to failures and defame.  Some who are on the media / journalism can find good time this week.  


Never bother of financial instability, as fund flow this week would be abundant in spite of expenses.  Some who are with government service would get appreciation for their hard work.  Artists can foresee good sign of new assignments.  Even though your projects implemented by you would be a success, some slight delay is expected.  Some would have time to visit long distance places with friends and family.


Have a give and take policy, so that you would be admired amidst your circle. Some who are on business can foresee little loss, but can get through the end of the week. Parental health would be a concern to you this week. Take care in driving on long distances.  Some who are on the move to other areas, can find good time now. Those working on foreign countries, would plan for short duration stay in India.


Your judgement on others would be appreciated.  Do not go for spot decision. Think and act upon the situations that trouble you. Family bonding would be good this week.  Change of vehicles would be on the list, which can be done.  Government intervention would be difficult on you, but all is for good.  Pay your pending dues / loans / debts, so that you will be in the good books of all concerned. 



Gains as well as equal expenses are foreseen.  Some who are working in government sector, can foresee good sign of assurance from government for your future welfare. Some who are on business would foresee a loss this week. A long distance travel, would fulfil your desires and dreams. Your commitment and sincerity would be appreciated at all times.


Health would trouble you often, as such medication is advised.  A week of good friendship and bonding. Your move to help people would be appreciated by all friends and close circles.  Fund flow as expected would flow in this week. Some who are planning to expand their business can foresee good sign to proceed along. Family meeting and engagements would keep you tight during first half of the week.



Be cautious on the middle of the week. Due to temples / goddess have to be finished this week without any further delay. A long distance call would get you good help and business deals.  Government officials who are expecting promotions can get new assignments with transfers. Those on logistics can foresee good contracts for transportation of goods and materials.


Never be adamant on your decisions. Have a give and take policy to finish your deals. Happiness prevails the moment you get success, but will not sustain long. Have a straight forward move to achieve your deals into success. While expenses are on the pipeline, some can foresee health issues. Some who planned for a long distance travel would get postponed / cancelled for unknown reasons



Never be harsh with workers / colleagues.  Some can foresee troubles with neighbours on petty issues. Social media would help some times this week for your helping hand to people.  Best week ahead with all tasks finalised on time. Foreign assignments foreseen for those in IT sectors.  Financial burdens would start accumulating.  Those on the verge of tying a knot would foresee good sign of engagements. 



Health has to be taken care of. Some can foresee good flow of money. First two days of the week would be challenging on policy decisions. All the other days are good to proceed with implementation of projects. Friends would help you out for all your needs. Parental blessings would bestow good deeds on your path. Take advice of your spouse at all times this week.