• Mon, Apr 24, 2017


Sunday, 23 April To Saturday, 29 April, 2017
Weekly Astrological forecast for our readers by noted by Astrological reseachers G.Swaminatha Sharma founder of the blog www.vedastrology.blogspot.in


Big investments have to be put on hold. Long-distance travel will give good results at work and business deals. Troubles from hidden enemies and monetary loss are foreseen. Proper planning and execution of tasks will reduce the impact of the troubles. Parental care on kids advised. Have an eye on their activities at regular intervals. Traders can foresee good sign on returns. Builders will face troubles from labourers and legal entities. Women would get help from others. 


It will be a week of mixed results. Business plans should be put on hold for some period, as loss is foreseen. Proceed with property deals as no spike in prices is seen in the near future. A surprise awaits you. All legal help would be extended in time and help in succeeding in legal matters. Women be happy throughout the week. Traders can foresee all round support in marketing and sales. But beware while driving. Expenses on vehicles foreseen.


Sit back and watch as karma would play its own course this week. Never disclose anything to even close relatives and neighbours. Traders can anticipate a dull environment in business. Remember time is precious or you will know it by the end of week. Investments will take its own time to yield desired results. Be strict with your subordinates. Your moves will make things proceed on the right track. Builders have to work hard to meet their deadlines and hand over the properties.


Establish your lost contacts for a better life ahead. Take the opportunity to work in unity to succeed in your dealings. The entire week is totally favourable for all your scheduled tasks. Women can expect help from neighbours as well as friends. Family members would support all your activities during the entire week. Traders will identify the deficiency in their services and rectify their mistakes. It help them prosper in business. A good week ahead in general.


Proper planning and execution will give you good results in the long run. Avoid speculations this week. Attack by hidden enemy is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday, so don’t execute your plans on those days. Hold on to your commitments. Outstation trips are underway. Traders can see good prospects on their returns. Builders will get more number of bookings on their properties. Women are advised to keep a track on their expenditures, to avoid loss in savings.


A wise decision is the need of the hour. Expenses would be high this week. Labourers will get good wages throughout the week. Those who are looking forward to get married, will see improvment on the front. Beware of friends who are waiting for an opportunity to provoke you. You may not be able to serve your commitments due to malefic planetary combinations. Not a nice week for women. Traders will face troubles from investors and buyers. 


A week of distress. Do not overload yourself with commitments. Prioritise your tasks and move on accordingly. Changes are foreseen in daily schedules during middle of week. You will be left to meet all the demands from family and workforce. Women can foresee many tasks to be executed. Parents and in-laws’ support would be beneficial. Be careful of your conversations with neighbours. Job seekers can have a good week.


Government officials can expect strict watch on work environment. Income from agriculture is foreseen. Be sure of your decisions. It is a good week with high returns. The last part of the week will be highly favourable for traders. Change of job/place is expected for many with loss in savings. The middle of the week would be moderate for your decision makings. Women folk enjoy leisurely time with family and friends.


Monetary gains and expenditure are foreseen. Your commitments should be stable and work accordingly to meet all of them. Your timely action on financial implications would save a lot for you. Troubles from kids and siblings are expected. Your darshan to holy temples would help you relax. Women will see good gains. Traders will have a good turnover on their investments. Some unwanted expenses foreseen.


A moderate week with up and downs. Spontaneous decisions will not work out for you. Proper planning and execution is advised. Women will get unwanted troubles from family members. Do not go out with friends. You may face disturbances and confusions from them. Expenses would be high on the first part of the week. Traders are advised to move as per the planned schedule. Troubles are foreseen for builders on legal aspects.


Brothers/sisters would be benefited by your helping hand. This is a week of mixed results. The first half of the week would be good for businessmen, so be ready for ultimate gains. In the middle of the week, you can see lot of changes in financial dealings and place of work. Those who are planning to travel abroad will see good prospects. Working women will see a lot of changes for their own good.


An exciting week, with lot of thrills. Parents health would be stable. Some can foresee new jobs and foreign assignments. This entire week would be a time to be spent with family. Your visit to relative’s house would fetch you fame. Businessmen can expect good returns and new investments. Women should be careful in dealing with friends. Traders and businessmen would face some trouble in stock and transit.